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JOHN LANGE is a solo artist from the United States Of America that have recently released his newest album “Frozen Fire” and it has a lot of nice different elements. Let’s talk about that. 

The opening song from the album is the title-track “Frozen Fire” and I must say that I am impressed by John’s vocals, it has such a nice tone and the instrumental parts are really good as well. It was a nice start. “Down the Road” starts with a nice drum sound followed by a cool guitar riff and some good bass lines. This song is a little bit cheerful than the first song and we can hear different elements here as well. Yeah pretty great stuff. 

“Train of Souls” starts with a nice guitar sound that has a cool effect on it and there are also some acoustic guitars that helped shaping the ambiance. It feels like a 70’s or 60’s song and I totally enjoyed the vibe. The only thing that feels different here is the mixing, but it still good to listen to. “Only a Whisper” has a better sound again and I liked the darker guitar riffs mixed up with the bass lines, but soon it turns into something a little bit happier with the acoustic guitars. The vocals are really good and it’s a fun song. 

“Only God Can Stop the Rain” starts with a nice guitar riff and it feels like a ballad to dance under the moonlight. There is a bluesy guitar sound and even a few shredding here and there. It sounds country and I liked it. “The Movie Screen” is definitely a song that would totally fit a movie soundtrack back in the 80’s and it’s a really cool song. There are plenty of different elements that helped shaping the ambiance and I believe that its one of the most different songs on the whole album. 

“Wanting It All” have a nice vibe and reminded me of some Indie Rock ballads as well, which I think it is something pretty cool. There’s a good vibe on it… just listen to. “Vapor” starts out with a acoustic guitar and voice, nothing more, but it grows into something with percussion and its definitely a nice ballad. 

“I Do Believe” is one of the different stuffs from that album as well, it starts out with a clean guitar sound and the vocals seems to have a feel different effects but they sound pretty good. I really liked how the vocals sounds kind of sad and deep. It perfectly fits the instrumental. 

“Maybe Someday” is the last song from the album and it starts with a more cheerful guitar riffs and it reminded me of the 70’s Rock N’ Roll styles, but it all mixed with the deep vocals. It is definitely a cool song. 

JOHN LANGE have written and released a great Rock album with a lot of different elements and I must say that I am impressed by how cool his vocal tone is. All the instruments were well played as well. I recommend it. 

Songwriting: 10 
Musicianship: 10 
Memorability: 10 
Production: 9



Album Review from The Rocker UK website:

Frozen Fire 

I always admire people who stick to their guns. John Lange is one of them. 

He’s been playing for decades both in cover bands and original bands. He’s recorded albums, been in bands who were courted by major labels, opened shows for many a major act, even appeared on Star Search over there in the USA. And he’s still at it. Fair play. 

And here he is with an album of original songs as well as playing all the instruments. In fact, it is only him, so it doesn’t get more solo album than that. What you’re getting is seventies styled mainstream rock with a few singer / songwriter moments. He’s got a decent voice and a way with a melody which makes for some pleasant listening. I’ve always got a downer on sequenced drums and that is the one bugbear here. I know it can be a necessary evil when you’re doing things on your own but I’m an auld fella and know what I like. 

Lyrically, the songs take on the themes of love, life, loss and beyond. As befits a gentleman of a certain age. It’s not out and out Christian rock but there are songs about God and spirituality. Now, it’s three years (in fact three years yesterday) since I lost my faith but I still remember what it was like and, unlike some, I’m glad that others still have their faith. So even though it’s not my future anymore I particularly enjoyed “Train of Souls” which almost had a Red Rider feel to it. 

Other highlights include the modern rock feel of “Only A Whisper” and the Americana tinged “Only God Can Stop The Rain”.