John lange

John Lange has "been around the block," and his songs reflect that experience. He began his musical journey in the midwestern United States, in the humble city of Grand Island, Nebraska. Although other musicians were few and far between, John gathered up the best available, and started up a group called The Glass Onion Band, named after the Beatles' song. The band quickly gained a loyal and rabid local following, and set off on a tour of the upper midwestern states. The band wrote an album's worth of material, and traveled to Decatur, Illinois to track their first record. As often happens, the band eventually went their separate ways, and John considered his options. Putting out the word with his network of contacts, he was hired site unseen by a band out of Butte, Montana called Shazana. The band toured full time, grinding out the rock club circuit in the upper midwest. Eventually, once again things fell apart, and John decided to move to a warmer climate. He made his way to Dallas, Texas, and quickly joined a cover band called Relay. Once again the touring began, this time in the central southern states. Tiring of playing covers, John put out advertisements to find others interested in making original music. He met up with other like-minded musicians, and formed Safety In Numbers. The band gained considerable notoriety around the region, releasing an album that sold well in local stores, and gained airplay on major local FM stations. They auditioned for the national TV show Star Search, and were selected out of hundreds of bands. During the filming of the show in Hollywood, they played showcases for several major record labels. They enlisted Charles Vessels as a manager, a former tour manager for Three Dog Night. They were courted by Capricorn Records for over a year, producing demos which were well received by Phil Walden, the co-founder of Capricorn. Unfortunately, the label eventually decided to go in a more southern rock direction, and a record deal was never inked. Once again members went their different directions. Always staying creative, John put out albums with Tracy Aaron and The Neutral Zone. Most currently, John relocated to Houston, Texas, and joined the band Sawdust Road, which made a large dent in the local, national, and international music arena. That included awards from the CMA of Texas for 2019 Americana Band of the Year, and, from Nashville, the Josie Music Award for 2016 Modern Country Album of the Year. They received extensive international airplay, and charted on stations in places as diverse as Nashville, London, France, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia. John released his first solo album, “What's Your Story,” in 2013 just before joining Sawdust Road. Frozen Fire was John's second solo album release, and was a major progression from his first album. With this 2020 release, John zeroed in on his strengths, and showcased his unique sense of melody, alongside his captivating guitar phrases. The album was nominated for 2 Josie Music Awards. Next, John released several singles, including: "Are You Awake," " Just Last Night," and "Turn Up the Heat," and "The Lump in my Throat." He has focused more on a Christian message in the newer material. In 2021 John was honored to receive 2 more nominations for Josie Awards. In 2022 his single release "Red Line (feat. Suga Cane)" received 2 more nominations for the 2022 Josie Music Awards. He followed that up with several more singles, his latest is "Selling Space from a Rented Sky," released in January 2024. In addition to music, John recently began filming a series of music commentary Youtube videos. He currently has over 390,000 views on Youtube, and continues to add new videos periodically. Last, but not least, John has written a book entitled: "Maximizing Your Potential on Guitar," available in digital formats at places like Amazon, etc.